Lamps for multimedia projectors

We offer lamps for all types of projectors by all major producers.

If you don't know which lamp will be accurate for your projector, please contact us. We will be happy to advise you which lamp you should choose. We offer most projector lamps in a few variants. They differ in price and degree of difficulty of exchange.

We offer projector lamps in three variants:

- original lamps with the module

In case you choose original lamp with the module you can count on maximum quality and reliability. You must be prepared for higher price though. The change of such lamp is extremely easy thanks to the assembly module.

- white box

This is a lamp option which quality is compared to original lamps with the module because we have original bulb, but because substitute module is used, such lamp is cheaper than its counterpart with original module.The change of such lamp is extremely easy thanks to the assembly module.


- original lamp without the module

The sole original bulb (Philips, OSRAM, Ushio) ischaracterized by outstanding projection quality and reasonable price thanks to lack of assembly module. Still, changing of the sole bulb can be more difficult and requires some experience and manual skills. Please note that not in every module self lamp change is possible.


The lamp change

The lamps have limited viability so every projector owner must face lamp change sooner or later. It can be done by yourself or you can have it changed by a proffesional. We offer lamp change and projector cleaning by an experienced proffesional who can make your projector almost as new again so it can still serve for a long time.



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