Architectural lighting

We use this type of lamp to illuminate specific objects to accentuate certain of their features such as shape or color.

We also use them in cases when we want to give certain features to rooms, eg to get the impression of lengthening or widening.

We use such lighting in residential interiors, but above all in showrooms, exhibition halls, shopping arcades, sacred buildings, as well as in the illumination of buildings and structures.

Examples of lamps for lighting sports facilities are Philips Master MHN-LA lamps and Philips MASTER MHN-SA lamps, from which customers benefit from the following benefits:

  • The possibility of designing compact and efficient luminaire systems with precise optics and better control of the beam angle and minimal dispersion of light
  • Good color rendering allows you to create a pleasant atmosphere and visual comfort for players and viewers
  • Continuous stream emission, which enables the creation of various semi-professional lighting systems for stadiums and their professional lighting for the needs of television broadcasts


Characteristics of both lamps:

  • a compact light source (long light arch) with high light efficiency
  • double-contact technology that increases the service life
  • natural white, stable colors and faithful color rendering
  • light temperature similar to the temperature of daylight facilitates the transition to artificial lighting
  • professional and semi-professional lighting of sports facilities and projector lighting

We also invite you to familiarize with the MasterColour CDM architectural series for indoor applications.



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