Lamps for cinema projectors

Everyone enjoys cinema to see latest movies. Nowadays digital projection is revolutionizing the way in which people experience movies. Who can forget breathtaking pictures from 3D movies?

Displaying the picture is possible thanks to strong white light obtained from xenon lamps. Philips is one of the leading and certified producers of xenon lamps in the world.

Philips lamps are still produced in manufacturing system without using automatic assembly lines that ensures high reliability and earned customers' trust.

Philips lamps are marked by high quality and very good value for money. It is worth pointing out that Philips xenon lamps are produced in the USA.

The latest line of Philips xenon lamps for cinema projectors are Long Play lamps. Thanks to revolutionary design of cathode and anode it was able to achieve extending of the service life with existing amount of light.

Using series Long Play lamps translates into lowering the cost of every cinema projection hour by 10 to 20%.

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