Lampy UV–C bakterio- i wirusobójcze (eliminujące COVID-19)


The main activity of RAAN Lighting Solutions company is the IR and UV special lighting distribution for the municipal, industrial and medical applications, as well as the Entertainment sector lamps  distribution used in the cinema projectors, for the studios, scenes, clubs and architectural illuminations. Besides, we offer equipments for the area heating – the IR.

Cooperation with the leading European producers such as PHILIPS, DR. Fischer, LightTech, Alpha-Cure, Ultraviol, Victory Lighting or TEO TERM ensures us the access to the newest technologies determining the new market trends as well as the highest quality of the equipments offered. Especially, we value the direct contact with our partners as we realize that only the individual approach to each Customer enables establishing strong, long-term relations.

During the whole time of our activity, due to our offers adjusted to the technological needs and economical possibilities of our Clients, we have been known as the reliable, trustworthy and competent commercial partner.  


We invite you to cooperation



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