Stage and studio lamps

Most lighting designers have true passion for creating spectacular shows. To use their talents most efficiently, Philips designed a number of discharge lamp systems. A vital feature of Philips lamps is their high quality ensuring reliability and very competitive prices. Philips offers all kinds of discharge lamps that are certified and esteemed by all major stage equipment producers.

Philips, as the only producer uses gold-plated shanks in the Gold series lamps. That technique ensures lower lamp failure by improving conduction and increasing high temperatures endurancy.

The youngest child of Philips group are Platinum series lamps. Interestingly, it was Philips which offered the light source first, then the producers of effect devices designed casings and complete systems.
A big advantage of Platinum lamps is theit compact design that enable producers to design small and flexible devices which rotate fast and are able to illuminate even least accesible area on stage.


Very short light arch ensures intensive white light which eliminates shadows and perfectly maps colours. Low lamps weight and power gives more projecting possibilities and guarantees less energy consumption. Their much longer viability from standard discharge lamps that translates into lower costs of use is also not without significance.


We offer the following types of Philips stage lamps:

- MSR 
- MSR Gold SA Double Ended
- MSR Gold FastFit
- MSR Gold MiniFastFit
- MSR Platinum
- MSD Platinum


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